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Head Counts!

Dreavious, Dec 6, 09 11:32 AM.
Start posting in forums/shoutbox/vent. We need headcounts now from everyone and remember to be actively recruiting. See welcome message/forums for details.

Very Important News

CaptainSaveAHo, Aug 21, 09 7:09 PM.
Antarctica is the only continent without owls.

SB Library Underway

Dreavious, Jul 10, 09 5:10 PM.
Just as it says! Without knowing when Morlockwiki might go down, im going to be putting as much shadowbane information I can cram into there!

ETA on completion : Unknown @.@

Massive Clean Up

Dreavious, Jul 4, 09 2:16 PM.
Its time for our webpage to have a new face. Right now im doing massive updates/changes to the webpage. Should be done by the end of the day. New images have been added, forums have been pruned and general changes.
I have removed a good handful of inactives on the site. If for whatever reason your login was removed, send in another application so I can add you back into the list.

Email Me ASAP

Scorpio/Verbin, Jun 18, 09 1:12 AM.
I Will Be Getting Bury a Vent Again Soon. So Y'all Better Email Me Fuckers So I can Send The Info Individually When The Time Comes

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